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Tarragon Oyster

Tarragon Oyster

1 Ounce

Tarragon Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus eunosmus) is a very rare oyster mushroom which is thought to be only found in the British Isles. With a distinctive trumpet shaped cap, as it’s name suggests, it’s smell and taste resembles the herb tarragon making it probably the finest tasting oyster mushroom there is. This species was isolated from the ancient woodlands surrounding Richmond Castle in North Yorkshire. It was found growing on a large fallen beech tree, and is a wonderful example of Britain’s wild mushroom heritage for you to grow and enjoy. (Myc Emp)


    Our mushrooms are sold by the half pound minimum. We harvest every morning and update our online inventory for sale daily. When ordering, if the desired quantity you enter will not populate, we have less inventory available then your desired order. Product inventory is updated realtime at time of order. 

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