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Pheasant Back

Pheasant Back

1 Ounce

The pheasant back (Cerioporus squamosus, Polyporus squamosus) is a large, shelf-like mushroom that grows in both Europe and North America. The name reflects that fact that the top of the mushroom, at least when young, has the same color pattern at the back of a female pheasant—to the point that hunters sometimes find themselves carefully stalking a wild mushroom. The other common name, dryad’s saddle, refers to the shape, which suggests a seat for a tree spirit (a dryad). It is also sometimes referred to as “Hawks Wing Mushroom”.Pheasant back mushrooms are a wild edible with great flavor. They are completely edible, and have a meaty, full flavor. 


    Our mushrooms are sold by the half pound minimum. We harvest every morning and update our online inventory for sale daily. When ordering, if the desired quantity you enter will not populate, we have less inventory available then your desired order. Product inventory is updated realtime at time of order. 

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