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Spore Swabs Buy Two Get One Free

Spore Swabs Buy Two Get One Free


3, 2 spore swabs and 2 microscope slides. Also included 3 agar plates. Produced by a trusted partner in Buffalo, NY. WE DO NOT PRODUCE THE SWABS THEREFORE ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY.




Spores are for MICROSCOPY AND IDENTIFICATION purposes only. Spores are not for human consumption.  We certify that we do not condone or accept any responsibility for any illegal acts. Spores do not contain the active compound psilocybin. We do not in way promote or endorse any use of these spores for anything other than microscopy observation and identification. All information on this website should be used for research purposes only.


We will not combine orders of research spores with cultivation supplies, no exceptions. We will cancel and refund the order. We will not ship spores to residents of California, Idaho or Georgia.


No refunds as cultivation is not supported and spores are for MICROSCOPY purposes only.



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